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About Judge Oran F. Whiting

Judge Oran F. Whiting is devoted to ensuring justice and safeguarding equality for ALL citizens of Cook County. He brings high qualifications, impartiality, experience, common sense, and compassion to the bench.

Bar Ratings

Oran has been found qualified for the bench by all members of the Alliance of Bar Associations for Judicial Screening and has been given the highest rating by four of these organizations.


Oran is proud to receive the endorsements from dozens of elected officials and community leaders.

A Message from Judge Oran F. Whiting

As a sitting judge, appointed by the Illinois Supreme Court, I work hard to provide justice and to ensure fairness in the judicial and legal systems for all citizens of Cook County, who expect and merit nothing less than judges and courts committed to safeguarding the right of all to receive equal treatment.

It would be a tremendous honor and a privilege to continue serving the people of Cook County as a sitting judge. I have been endorsed and slated by the Democratic Party; favorably rated by ALL reviewing Bar Associations; and endorsed by numerous community, business, and political leaders. I look forward to earning your support.